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 Welcome to our boat title advisor page!
          Our boat title advisor provides answers to frequently asked questions from buyers, sellers, owners, lenders, brokers, dealers, attorneys, and marina operators. It covers a wide range of boating topics such as state level boat titling or registration, Coast Guard documentation, foreign registry, boat  transactions, operational requirements, and title services. This open forum is a great resource which is offered free of charge as a courtesy for our readers.

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About Our Boat Title Advisor

          Boat titling and registration methods are based on a complicated mix of individual preferences, lender demands, and governmental requirements. Factor the aspects of maritime or admiralty law into all of this and it becomes evident that boat transactions must be approached with a great deal of vigilance. Boat buyers, sellers, owners, and maritime professionals should accordingly make every effort to evaluate such implications regarding their own particular circumstances.

          As you may have already discovered, our website is indeed the internet's most comprehensive resource for Coast Guard vessel documentation and boat registration. You will also find in perusing our pages, that boat transactions are far more complex than first meets the eye. An expansive amount of information is therefore required in order to cover all aspects of these subjects. However, such data may seem a bit overwhelming for those who are unfamiliar with the boating industry.

          Our advisor page endeavors to address this issue by categorizing the specific concerns of various reader groups. As with all matters of great complexity, the first challenge arises in knowing which questions to ask. We have therefore gathered a listing of the most frequently asked questions from boat buyers, sellers, owners, boat dealers, yacht brokers, marine lenders, marine attorneys, and marina or boatyard operators. The respective answers are presented along with links to associated resources.

          We also provide advisor segments for topical subjects such as Coast Guard vessel documentation, state boat registration, foreign yacht registry, boat title research, and our services. These include frequently asked questions and answers about various aspects of such functions. Links can be found from their respective federal, state, foreign, database, and service pages. 

          This service is provided free of charge to our readers in an effort to dispel some of the mystique surrounding Coast Guard Vessel documentation, boat titling, state level registration, and foreign registry. The advisors are based on inquiries received over the years from a vast number of readers and subscribers. We view these as open forums and encourage additional questions and comments from any interested party.

          The boat title advisors are not intended as a substitute for good sound legal advice. Although we do share some common knowledge about transactional issues, our area of expertise lies primarily within the realm of vessel titling and registration. You should accordingly seek the counsel of an attorney, accountant, or appropriate maritime professional when making decisions of your own.


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