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         Our boat titling library contains numerous articles,  guides, handbooks, and other reference material for vessel documentation, boat registration, and foreign yacht registry. You will also find a wealth of information related to marine escrow closing settlements, financing arrangements, and other maritime transactions. Such topics are designed to educate our readers about the implications of buying, owning, financing, and selling a boat.   ..... more about our library

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About Our Library
An overview of our vessel documentation and boat titling library.

           Introduction  - has become widely recognized as the internet's most  comprehensive resource for Coast Guard vessel documentation, boat registration, and yacht registry. Much of this can be attributed the time and effort we have invested in educating the boating public about these complex subjects. Our boat titling library represents an ever expanding body of information which is dedicated exclusively to this cause.

          Topics Covered  -  The topics covered by our boat titling library include Coast Guard vessel documentation, state boat registration, foreign registry, boat escrow settlements, maritime boat liens, marine lending, and boat title research. We also provide a link to our marine glossary which identifies commonly used terms within the marine industry. These are just an example of many other subjects which are also addressed in the library.

          Coast Guard Documentation  -  One of the primary areas of interest for our readers is U.S. Coast Guard vessel documentation. We accordingly offer many articles and links which will help inform those who seek an understanding of this complex body of regulations. Much of this relates to the Coast Guard's interpretation of the respective statutes and how they administer these with regard to the documentation process.

          State Boat Registration  -  The conditions under which state level boat registration, state boat titling, and Coast Guard vessel documentation apply are often confusing. This is heightened by the fact that each state has its own set of rules and regulations which apply to boating within their respective waters. Our boat titling library endeavors to enlighten readers about such matters by offering related articles and advisories.

          Foreign Yacht Registry  -  Yacht registration and titling systems in foreign countries share many similarities with those administered here in the United States. However, there are a number of issues which can arise when transferring ownership into and from these respective agencies. Such matters are addressed among the articles found in the library and our foreign page.

          Boat Transactions  -  Boat transactions involving ownership transfers, liens, and mortgages are sometimes overshadowed by a body of regulations known as "admiralty" or "maritime law". This is especially true with vessels which have been Coast Guard documented. We have included articles and other resources which will help shed some light on these subjects. Our library also addresses a number of issues related to boat escrow settlement transactions.

          Articles & Links  -  Our boat titling library is comprised of articles, summaries, and overviews written exclusively for our readers. These are written in short concise terms for easy comprehension by those who may be unfamiliar with the subject. We also provide links to external resources which afford supplemental information about matters related to boat transactions.

          Handbooks  -  In addition to our informational articles and links, we offer a series of boat titling handbooks which are available for purchase. These are also included when applicable in certain self-service kits which can be found in our services page. The handbooks currently cover such topics as Coast Guard vessel documentation, Coast Guard vessel abstracts of title, and boat title research.

          The Authors  -  The content of our web site is written and compiled by industry experts with many years of experience in Coast Guard vessel documentation, state boat registration, and marine escrow closing settlements. This expertise enables us to produce such a complete range informative articles, summaries, and overviews. These items can be fund in the boat titling library and other pages of our site.

          Additions & Revisions  -  We will continue on a regular basis to enhance our boat titling library with new articles, overviews, summaries, and associated links. A number of new topics have also been identified for additional boat titling handbooks. Our library is of course, always undergoing revisions as the respective information changes or becomes obsolete.

          Bookmark  -  At the top of this page, you will find a link which will cause our boat titling library to become bookmarked on your computer. We highly recommend this, especially for industry professionals, as it will allow you to stay current with any new articles, revisions, and updates as they occur. We implement these on a regular basis and such information may be important to your respective endeavors.

          Legal Assistance  -  The information provided through our boat titling library page is subject to unannounced changes, revisions, misinterpretation, and possible inaccuracies. Please read our terms of use at the bottom of this page before relying on such data. In any event, you should consult with an attorney before making important decisions about any boat related transactions.


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