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Vessel documentation services, state registration services, database services, and boat transaction services for everything from ski-boats to mega-yachts. We offer a full compliment of services that can save you hundreds of dollars in boat titling costs. Be sure to browse through the extensive listing of self-service and full-service selections shown on this page and discover all we have to offer.

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Vessel Documentation Services

Coast Guard documentation services for pleasure and commercial vessels. Your choice of our economical self service kit or convenient full services.

Full Service          Self Service

Boat History Search

Search for boat records from eight master databases all rolled into one. Identify boats that have been stolen, damaged, destroyed, submerged, salvaged, or recalled.


Boat Purchase and Sale Kit

Ideal for buyers and sellers who wish to conduct a transaction directly between themselves. Includes all necessary forms, instructions, and examples.

Self Service

Closing Settlement Service

A safe and efficient way for buyers and sellers to finalize the purchase and sale of anything from ski-boats to mega-yachts. Handled by a neutral third party closing agent.

Full Service

State Registration Service

Register or title a boat with any state and record an optional security interest. Avoid the hassle of dealing with state registration agencies. Resolve defective title problems.

Full Service         Self Service

Vessel Claim of Lien Service

Designed for anyone who wishes to record a notice of claim of lien against a Coast Guard documented vessel. Economical self service or convenient full service.

Full Service          Self Service

Vessel Documentation Database

Search over 500,000 Coast Guard vessel documentation records online by various criteria. Download owner mailing lists and create summary reports.


Boat Deregistration Service

Delete or remove a boat from any state title or registration. Ideal for anyone who needs a certificate of removal  or evidence of deletion when converting to foreign registry.

Full Service

Vessel Documentation Removal

Designed for owners who need to remove or delete a vessel from Coast Guard documentation. Meets Coast Guard requirements when ownership has transferred.

Full Service          Self Service

Boat Loan Security Service

Ideal for securing or perfecting marine loans on any kind of boat, watercraft, vessel, or yacht. Your choice of our economical self service kit or convenient full service.

Full Service          Self Service

Coast Guard Abstract of Title

An up-to-date report on any vessel that has ever been documented. Shows the current and previous owners, recorded liens or mortgages, and all other transactions.

Full Service          Self Service

Boat Title Advisor Service

Consult with a boat title specialist about any issues, procedures, or requirements pertaining to boat registration, vessel documentation, and ownership transfers.

Full Service

Free Courtesy Services

Boat Lien Claim Database Listing

Expose your boat lien claim to an expansive network of prospective buyers, lenders, and other interested parties. Ideal for boatyards, marinas, suppliers, tax agencies, and other lien holders.

Free Listing

Stolen Boat Database Listing

Affords individuals, enforcement agencies, and insurance companies with an opportunity for exposing a stolen boat to an expansive network of interested parties throughout the world.

Free Listing

About Our Boat Title Services
An overview of our vessel documentation and boat title services.

           MarineTitle.com offers a complete range of services for Coast Guard vessel documentation, state level boat registration, marine loan security, and boat transactions. This includes our BoatScope database which is the most comprehensive boat record and history search tool currently available to the boating public. We have it all covered for virtually any type of vessel from ski-boats to mega-yachts.

          As an internet based enterprise, our proprietary services are designed as self-service kits for online usage. These bundled packages include all necessary forms, instructions, examples, and other resources to perform any type of boat titling transaction. They are ideal for the economy minded and can save hundreds of dollars in professional service fees

          In order to facilitate a complete range of services, we have formed an alliance with a full-service documentation company that can offer personalized assistance. A qualified industry professionals with years of experience will handle your entire transaction from start to finish. Our boat title services menu will show this a full-service option for most selections.

           The services offered on our web site are backed by years of experience in the vessel documentation and boat titling industry. This, in combination with our expertise in web technology, has made it possible to implement our products in an efficient and cost effective manner. As a result, the boating public now has access to boat documentation and boat titling resources at very reasonable prices.

           Customer satisfaction is the most important measure of our continued success. We therefore offer comprehensive assistance with all self-service products. Although time proven and thoroughly tested, there are times when our subscribers may need assistance with certain packages. Our customer support is ready and available at any time to help resolve any issues which may arise.

           More detailed information can be found for each type of service by selecting the respective option from our boat title services menu. This includes an overview of features, inclusions, pricing, and ordering instructions. The full-service selections will connect you directly with a professional titling specialist that can discuss your needs and offer pricing quotations. Get started today and discover just how easy it is to make use of our economical and convenient lineup of boat title services.

Visit our services page for a full range of boat title services.
   ▪  CG  Documentation Services
   ▪  Closing Settlement Service
   ▪  State Registration Services
   ▪  Boat Database Services
   ▪  Boat Title Report Service
   ▪  Forms Review Service
   ▪  Boat Deregistration Services
   ▪  Marine Lender Services
   ▪  Purchase and Sale Service.
Choice of convenient full services or economical self service kits.

The internet's largest collection of maritime databases all rolled into one convenient search interface.
   ▪  Salvaged Boat Database
   ▪  Boat Lien Claim Database
   ▪  Stolen Boat Database
   ▪  Boat Accident Database
   ▪  Pollution Database
   ▪  CG Documentation Database
   ▪  Factory Recall Database
   ▪  Manufacturer Database
Includes a full compliment of boat title search resources.

A safe, efficient, and economical way for buyers, sellers, marine lenders, and yacht brokers to settle the sale of any boat.
   ▪  Experienced closing agent.
   ▪  Service available nationwide.
   ▪  Complete title & lien search.
   ▪  Arrange loan payoffs.
   ▪  Prepare settlement statement.
   ▪  Secure lender's collateral.
   ▪  Distribute closing funds.
   ▪  Obtain all seller releases.
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Instant background checks !
Know who you are dealing with
in any boat transaction.

Boat ownership packages for creating an LLC,  corporation, partnership, or other entity.

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