Coast Guard Vessel Documentation
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vessel record search
"The internet's foremost boat history & title search resource."

Search for boat records from sevem master databases all rolled into one.
Detailed reports on multiple search criteria with mailing lists for documented vessel owners.
Unique cross-checking feature for hull numbers, documentation numbers, and state registration numbers.

Identify vessels that have been stolen, damaged, destroyed, submerged, salvaged, or recalled. 

  Vessel Documentation Database
  Boating Accident Database
  Casualty & Pollution Database

  Stolen Vessel Database
  Auctioned Vessel Database
  Manufacturer Recall Database

  Featuring our exclusive Boat Claims Database

Includes state, federal, and foreign boat registration search references. 

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EXCLUSIVE!   -  Documentation records now include nearly 500,000 owners.
EXCLUSIVE!   -  Maritime claims database for all types of boats.
NEW!   -  Boat status report with a comprehensive title and background analysis.
NEW!   -  Boat title report builder for use with our search resources.
PLUS!   -  A free subscription to our vessel research handbook.

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  30 Day Membership

• Unrestricted access at a minimal cost.
• Includes a free vessel research guide.

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One time subscription - non recurring.

►  180 Day Membership

• Save $29.75 with 180 day membership.
• Includes a free vessel research guide.

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• Includes a free vessel research guide.

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Please read our terms of use and important facts about this service before placing your order.


  Web links and forms for state
registration & title research.

  Free Vessel Abstracting Handbook & ordering information.

  Boat status report with a title
and background analysis.

  Supplemental archive search for C.G. documented vessels.

  Mailing lists available in Excel, Word, CSV, tab delimited, or XML.

  Vessel hull identification number verification tool with examples.

  Manufacturer information and recall database for all vessels.

  Responsive customer support for all of your search needs.

  Easy login procedure with detailed search instructions.

  Unlimited search capabilities for all membership subscription types.

  Complete descriptions of each database with usage caveats.

  Mailing lists compatible with all labeling and merger applications.

  Foreign registry search resources and links.

  Free subscription to our vessel research handbook.


Features and Inclusions

►  Single interface for searching multiple vessel databases with a wide range of criteria.
►  Access all databases by a vessel's documentation number, hull number, or state registration number.
►  Unique feature correlates any relationships found among various vessel identification numbers.
►  Summarized listing of all findings with links to detailed reports for each respective item.
►  Search for managing owners of vessels that are currently documented with the U.S. Coast Guard.
►  Search Coast Guard records by manufacturer's identification code.
►  Includes ownership information for both active and previously documented vessels.
►  Download mailing lists that are compatible with all major labeling and mail-merge applications.
►  Mailing lists available in Excel, Word, CSV, tab delimited, or XML compatible downloads.
►  Supplemental archive search for documented vessels which are no longer actively documented.
►  Reports on vessels that have been damaged, grounded, submerged, or sold at auction.
►  Stolen vessel postings as reported by various law enforcement agencies throughout the country.
►  U.S. Coast Guard reports on vessels involved in collision or casualty incidents.
►  Discover vessels that have been involved in casualty or pollution investigations.
►  Learn about factory recalls specific to your vessel and those related to a particular builder.
►  Free vessel research handbook with each membership.
►  Check the validity of manufacturer hull identification numbers and formatting requirements.
►  Easy to follow instructions for optimal usage of all search modules and ancillary links.
►  Descriptions of each database with information on how to best utilize the records.
►  Simplified log-in procedure with a unique data key which is assigned to each new member.
►  Responsive customer support and member consultations are available online at any time.
►  Unlimited search capabilities which allow full access to all features for every member.
►  Periodic subscription options which offer significant savings for extended memberships.
►  Renewals and credit card billings are never implemented without a member's specific approval.
►  Web links for state, federal, and foreign registration and title search resources.


Features Comparison Chart

This chart compares the features of our Vessel Record Search with those of other leading web sites.

  BoatScopeTM  Other History
Other Vessel
Damaged, foreclosed, and auctioned vessel database.  
Stolen vessel database.    
Coast Guard documentation database.  
Boating accident database.  
Factory recall database.  
Casualty and pollution database  
Search by hull identification number.  
Search by Coast Guard documentation number.  
Search by state registration number.    
Vessel identification number cross checking feature.    
Boat status report with comprehensive title and background analysis.    
Search vessels and owners by multiple criteria.  
All-in-one interface for historical and documented vessel records.    
Includes both active and previously documented vessels.    
Search documentation records by manufacturer identification code.    
Mailing list export to Excel.  
Mailing list export to Word.    
Mailing list export to text delimited files.    
Mailing list export in XML extended markup format.    
Hull identification number verification tool.  
State registration research links, information, and forms.    
Foreign registry research links, information, and forms.    
Coast Guard abstract of title handbook and ordering information.    
State level lien search information and links.    
Vessel Title Research handbook.    
Supplemental data links for latest updates and archived records.    
Least expensive and most flexible membership options.    
Maintained and supported by the nation's foremost boat titling experts.    
Simplified login with use of a pre-assigned data key.    


Ordering Instructions

BoatScopeTM  is immediately available and ready to go online. Just follow the simple and easy steps below.

          STEP 1  -  Determine your best option with respect to the membership term and click on the "Purchase" button.
          STEP 2  -  Enter your Visa, Master Card, Discovery, or American Express credit card information.
          STEP 3  -  Enter a few security details for your data access key number assignment.
          STEP 4  -  Log into the system as often as you like by using your data key.

That's all there is to it and our customer support will be standing by for any assistance you may need.


Savings Comparison

          BoatScopeTM combines the best available data resources into a single all-in-one subscription. As such, you will immediately save more than half of the usual costs associated with separate documented vessel and boat history memberships. In addition, you will find a greater number of search capabilities than with any other vessel record vendor.
          Your choice of subscriptions can further reduce membership costs by as much as 25%.  As you can see from the membership term options, savings are enhanced incrementally depending on whether the 180 day or 360 day subscription better suits your needs. Special bulk and extended membership rates are also available upon request.

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