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Answers to frequently asked questions about our boat title services.

Can I save much with your online self-service boat title kits?

 Our self-service vessel documentation, boat registration, and transaction kits could save you hundreds of dollars in professional fees. The only costs required In addition to the kit fee, are recording fees and any applicable taxes.

Do all  of your services include customer support?

Customer support is one of the most important aspects of our service offerings. It is provided with virtually every service and forms package. You will find a customer support link on the landing or interface page with each and every selection, which is monitored on a regular basis.  This is an integral part of your purchase and we take it very seriously.

Do you offer full services?

We are a web based enterprise, therefore all of our services are provided as online self service kits, downloadable forms, vessel record search databases, and titling handbook guides. However, we have formed an affiliation with a full service documentation company in order to provide our readers with a complete range of vessel titling products. You will find a link from each of our service offerings where you can obtain a free quotation for the respective full services.

Does your vessel record search include state boat registrations?

Strict disclosure laws now prohibit most states from providing boat registration information to the general public. Such records must be ordered on a case by case basis and the requester must show due cause for needing the information. This type of information is therefore somewhat limited in our database service. However, the subscription does instructions, forms, and contact information for obtaining records from each state.

Have you been established for a long time? was one of the very first Coast Guard vessel documentation web sites on the internet and has remained active for two decades. The site was originally designed as a customer service enhancement for one of the nation's largest full service USCG documentation companies. Today, we are stand alone enterprise and have become the premier online source for Coast Guard documentation services, forms, databases, and vessel title information.

How can I be sure I'm ordering the right self-service kit?

The ordering page for each self-service kit offers detailed information and examples about their contents and usage. However, it can become a bit confusing given the number of different services we have to offer. If you are unsure about which one is right for your needs, just go to the bottom of any page and click on the "Contact Us Link". Provide a short description of what you are wanting to accomplish and we will get back to you right away

How extensive is your forms coverage?

Our forms coverage is the most extensive you will find on the internet. It covers the a full range of  Coast Guard documentation, boat registration, and transactions for all types of vessels. All forms are value enhanced and many can not be found elsewhere.

How secure is your online ordering system?

All of our self-service kits, databases, and forms are available immediately on line by using your favorite credit card for payment. When placing an order, you are linked to a secure and encoded web site which belongs to one of the internet's most reputable credit card merchant service providers. Once they have gathered and approved the payment information, you are returned to our web site and given immediate access to your kit, database, or form. This system is so protective, that our company is not even allowed access to your full credit card number.

Is it difficult to file my own recordings?

Coast Guard documentation and state recording agencies have greatly streamlined the manner in which they now process applications. In fact, the Coast Guard no longer requires original items with most recordings. This means that all submissions can now be faxed or emailed. Our self service kits contain detailed filing instructions along with transmittal cover sheets for each particular kind of transaction.

What is different about your forms?

Our forms are all value enhanced and offer much more than just the typical flat copies you may find elsewhere. They are completely fielded with convenient tabs for easy navigation. We also include online instructions and real world examples with each form. In addition, our free customer support is available with all of our products. Most of our forms are not available from other vendors.

Where can if find marine, boat, or vessel escrow services?

In the marine industry, you will not find the equivalent of typical real estate escrow services for boat transactions. Marine escrows are for the most part handled by yacht brokers, commercial lenders, and a handful of documentation companies. Unfortunately, these are often performed in an ad hock manner by non-professional agents with little or no governmental oversight. Visit our "Transactions Page" for a detailed and informative article about marine escrows.

Where does your expertise come from? is managed and operated by the industry's foremost experts in Coast Guard documentation, boat titling, and vessel transactions. We are constantly engaged with vessel owners, buyers, sellers, yacht brokers, boat dealers, marine lenders, and marine attorneys from all over the world. Our principals have owned, managed, and operated marine related enterprises for almost three decades. Such experience includes, Coast Guard documentation, boat titling, marine escrow,  yacht brokerage, new boat sales, yacht charters, commercial fishing, and internet technology.


Visit our database page for the nation's premier boat history report with a full compliment of title search resources. Includes eight maritime databases all rolled into one convenient interface. A must-have service for any prospective buyer, marine lender, or maritime professional.


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