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          Maritime boat liens arise from non-payment of obligations such as goods, services, damages, and assessments. They can become attached to any boat and remain effective even beyond subsequent owners. Making good on a lien can however become a difficult issue for many claimants. This is because self-help options for enforcing maritime liens are very limited within the marine industry. In most cases it will require the services of an attorney, a court ruling, and a public sale in order to collect payment.

          There is however, one way of motivating delinquent owners into settling without having to go through the foreclosure process. This can be done by publicizing the claim and making it known to the boating public. Buyers and lenders are not usually inclined to finalize a boat transaction without first addressing such issues. The owner may therefore simply pay up on the merit of knowing that interested parties may be aware of the claim.

         Our boat claims database is ideal for boatyards, marinas, suppliers, tax agencies, lenders, and other lien-holders. It affords claimants with an opportunity of exposing their liens to an expansive network of prospective buyers, marine lenders, and other interested parties. Boat lien records are exactly the kind of information that visitors who frequent our web site are seeking. There is absolutely no cost or fees for posting a claim and it only takes a few minutes to complete our online data form. Get started right away without any need for setting up an account, password, or subscription.

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