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About Our Manufacturer Database Search

How to conduct a boat manufacturer database search lookup.

All domestic manufacturers and foreign boat importers are required by federal law to obtain a unique Manufacturer's Identification Code (MIC). This must be incorporated as the first three characters of all hull identification numbers assigned to boats of their production. Current and historical data about these assignments is thereafter maintained indefinitely by the U.S. Coast Guard. We are pleased therefore to provide our readers with online access to such records... and it's completely free with no obligation whatsoever.

In conducting a query, be sure you have selected the appropriate type of search. Matching criteria may then be entered in either upper or lower case. The "MIC Code" option represents the federally assigned Manufacturer's Identification Code which must be exactly three characters. If a search is conducted on a complete "Hull Number", the MIC Code will be parsed accordingly. The database may also be searched according to the Manufacturer's Name. This will result in all records that include any portion of the criteria entered. There are no constraints as to the number of searches which can be made within a particular time period.

The  search results are displayed in a separate window which can in turn be printed from any printer attached to your media. This includes printing to a PDF file which can be saved for future references. Please be sure to read all disclaimers before using this information as can not assure the timeliness and accuracy of any such data. Please contact us right away given any discrepancies with the material or problems encountered while using our system and we will promptly look into the matter. You may also wish to visit our Database Page for more historical information relative to a particular boat.


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