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Boat Purchase and Sale

Self-Service Kit

Save big with this economical package.
Includes agreement with various examples.
Options for trades and seller financing.
Includes boat ownership transfer forms.
Prepared by boat closing professionals.

Available online today from our web site.
Shows steps for implementing the agreement.
Offers complete guidelines and instructions.
Includes report of sale notification forms.
Responsive and dependable customer support.

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Does not include an abstract of title.
Does not include recording fees.


Boat Purchase and Sale
Self Service Kit  -  $29.95

Please read our terms and conditions before using this service.

  About the Boat Purchase and Sale Kit

           There are many good reasons for using the services of a yacht broker to handle the various aspects of a boat purchase and sale arrangement. However, this will typically cost around ten percent of the sales price in commissions. Buyers and sellers may also be hesitant about entrusting a broker with large sums of money unless intimately familiar with their background and credentials.

           Although arrangements directly between a buyer and seller can present some logistical problems, this is not to say they can't be done. In fact, direct sales are not uncommon where the parties are amicable and the conditions are fairly straight forward. This is especially true when the transaction involves a smaller boat or lesser sums of money.

          The purchase and sale kit is designed to help facilitate boat transactions where the parties are inclined to handle everything between themselves. In doing so however, each party should have their own legal counsel review the entire arrangement to make sure their self-interests are adequately addressed and fully protected.

          The package comes with forms, instructions, and examples for arranging a purchase and sale transaction. This includes  trade-ins and seller financing when applicable. It also provides ownership transfer documents and the appropriate report of sale notifications. The downloads may be edited and modified to coincide with the specific details of your own circumstances.

          Order your boat purchase and sale self-service kit today by clicking on the purchase button shown above. This will take you to a secured screen where you can make payment with your favorite credit card. Upon acceptance you will be immediately forwarded to a hosting site which can be bookmarked for continued usage. The host contains links for all necessary form downloads and step-by-step instructions on how to implement each item.

Ordering Instructions

vessel documentation serviceClick on the "Purchase" button shown above to order your kit. This links you to a screen which will accept payment directly online. It is secure and encrypted which ensures that no one other than your credit card provider will have access your card number, not even our company.

vessel documentation serviceEnter your Visa, Master Card, Discovery, or American Express credit card information and click the "Process Payment" button. If you are alerted to an error or the card is declined, simply hit the return button at the top of your screen and re-enter the correct information.

vessel documentation serviceUpon acceptance of your payment, you will see an approval screen. Click the "Continue" button and you will be linked directly to your online self service kit. Be sure to create a bookmark or save a link to the hosting page for continued usage.

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