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Coast Guard Vessel Documentation
Nationwide Boat Titling & Registration
Preferred Vessel Mortgages
Mortgage Assignments & Amendments
Deficient Title Restoration
Boat Title & Lien Searches
C.G. Claim of Lien Recordings

Boat Lien & UCC Recordings
Complete Marine Lender Services
Nationwide Boat Trailer Titling
Mortgage & Lien Releases
Report of Sale Filings
Removal From Documenation
Foreign Registry Compliances

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  About Full-Services

 offers self-help web services only and does not work directly with clients. We therefore suggest that readers who desire professional assistance obtain a quotation from our full-service vessel documentation and boat titling associate.

          A seasoned boat title specialist knows how to deal with all of the rules and policies which must be followed to the letter in order to avoid defaults and rejections. When this happens, the processing time increases dramatically and a recording may even be terminated with a forfeiture of the related fees.

          All services begin with a free consultation to determine the exact type of transaction that will be required. This may include anything from U.S. Coast Guard documentation to state level registration and titling. The specialist can then provide an accurate price for the overall service and an estimated processing time.

          In performing the desired service, a specialist will organize and handle all aspects of the transaction from start to finish. This includes the necessary title research, preparation of all paperwork, gathering of required documents, and submission of all such items to the appropriate recording agency. A monitoring schedule is then established to make sure everything is being processed in a timely manner.

         Upon completion of a transaction, the specialist will to conduct a follow-up to make sure there were no errors or omissions made on behalf of the recording agency. In this case, all necessary steps will be take to rectify the situation.
          Get a free quotation and further information today by clicking on the button shown above. A boat title specialist will respond promptly and become available to address any questions or concerns. If you wish to proceed, a specialist will then gather all required information to move forward with the service.

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