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Amortization Schedule
Loan amortization schedule for boats and vessels with a loan calculator which produces a loan amortization print-out. Has provisions for optional payments. (Excel)
Authorization for Payoff $9.95
Authorization for payoff form for boats and vessels that authorizes another party to pay off a vessel or boat loan on behalf of the borrower. Includes a disclosure authorization. (Word)
Certification of Recording
Preferred Mortgage or Supplement
Certification of recording form for boats and vessels can be used by the lender to certify a preferred mortgage or mortgage supplement for the mortgagor as required by federal regulations. (Word)
Closing Statement $9.95
Closing statement form for boats and vessels is a simplified real-estate settlement type form which has been adapted for marine transactions. It is a single page, includes self-balancing columns, and has provisions for buyer and seller distribution approvals. (Excel)
Payoff Demand $9.95
Loan payoff demand form for boats and vessels which will allow a lien-holder to certify the payoff amount, per-diem interest, and payoff destination. (Word)
Power of Attorney
Power of attorney form for boats and vessels can be used for title, registration, or Coast Guard documentation recording purposes. Meets the requirements of most recording jurisdictions. (Word)
Preferred Vessel Mortgage $12.95
Preferred vessel mortgage form is an Interactive short form version with guidelines and examples. Can be used to record a Preferred Mortgage on a currently documented vessel or in conjunction with an application for documentation. (Word)
Preferred Vessel Mortgage
Preferred vessel mortgage addendum form is an Interactive form that can be used to append further terms and information to a previously executed mortgage which has not yet been recorded. (Word)
Preferred Vessel Mortgage
Preferred vessel mortgage amendment form meets Coast Guard standards for recording a change in the terms of a previously executed mortgage or any attachments which were made thereto. (Word)
Preferred Vessel Mortgage
Preferred vessel mortgage assignment form meets Coast Guard standards for recording the assignment of a previously filed mortgage or one which is being submitted with the assignment. (Word)
Preferred Vessel Mortgage
Preferred vessel mortgage assumption meets Coast Guard standards for recording the assumption of a previously filed mortgage by a subsequent purchaser. (Word)
Preferred Vessel Mortgage
Satisfaction of preferred vessel mortgage form meets Coast Guard vessel documentation standards for recording the satisfaction or release of a preferred vessel mortgage. (Word)
Preferred Vessel Mortgage
Preferred vessel mortgage subordination form meets Coast Guard recording standards for subordinating the priority position of a recorded mortgage to one which was, or is about to be, subsequently filed. (Word)
Promissory Note $12.95
Promissory note form for vessels and boats with provisions for single payment, balloon payments, installment payments, or an optional security agreement. (Word)
Purchase and Sale Agreement $12.95
Purchase and sale agreement form for boats and vessels can be used with seller to buyer direct transactions. Includes optional provisions for trade-in, seller loan or lien payoffs, and seller financing. (Word)
Security Agreement $12.95
Security agreement form for boats and vessels with provisions for perfecting a loan interest in vessel documentation or state titling. Can be used in conjunction with our vessel promissory note. (Word)
UCC Financing Statement $9.95
UCC Financing Statement form for boats and vessels is the universal version that is accepted by most states for recording a security interest in boats, trailers, outboard motors, and equipment. (PDF)

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