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Free listings with no obligation or hidden costs.
Ideal for owners, police, or insurance agencies.
Covers watercraft from ski-boats to mega-yachts.
Exposure to interested parties all over the world.

Boat insurance agencies can offset claim losses.
Assists police in recovering stolen watercraft.
Post a stolen boat with minimal effort online.
No account set up, passwords, or time renewals.

Simply click on the button shown below to post a stolen boat listing.


          The recovery rate for stolen boats is not what it should be given the limited options for exposing such events. There are very few resources available to the boating public which will allow interested parties to conduct this kind of research. It goes without saying that no prospective buyer, marine lender, or other investor wants to put their equity at risk on a boat which is unknowingly subject to forfeiture.

          Our stolen boat database service is designed to help alleviate this condition by providing an opportunity for individuals,  enforcement agencies, and insurance companies to expose a boat which has been stolen. Stolen boat records are exactly the type of information that readers who frequent our web site are seeking. Why not take advantage of this great opportunity and make a stolen boat known to our expansive network of buyers, marine lenders, and other interested parties.

          Its easy to post a stolen boat listing right here online without any need for setting up an account, password, or subscription. There is absolutely no cost or fees and it only takes a few minutes to complete our online data form. Get started right away without any need for setting up an account, password, or subscription.

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