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Vessel Abstract of Title Kit

U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Documentation
Ordering and Interpreting an abstract of title for a documented vessel.

Save big with this economical self-service kit.
Covers both commercial and pleasure vessels.
A must item for any documentation transaction.
Identify mortgages, lien claims and ownership.
Reveals all prior owners and vessel transactions.

Includes a free vessel abstracting handbook.
Includes a list of codes used for recordings.
Provides complete guidelines and instructions.
Includes a summary worksheet for your findings.
Responsive and reliable customer support.

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Does not include an abstract of title.
Does not include abstract fees.


Coast Guard Vessel Abstract of Title
Self Service Kit  -  $19.95

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  About the Vessel Documentation Abstract Kit

          Whenever a vessel becomes first documented, the Coast Guard creates an underlying master record called an Abstract of Title. This is maintained indefinitely, even if the vessel has been removed from documentation. In addition to some basic information about the vessel, it includes recordings of all historical transactions involving changes of ownership, mortgages, supplements, and liens. The abstract  may also contain notational information regarding a vessel's documentation status.

          A copy of the abstract is a must have item for virtually any transaction involving a vessel that is currently, or was ever previously documented. This is because critical information regarding the ownership, mortgage, and lien status can be found nowhere else. Although ownership can be ascertained from the Certificate of Documentation, this may not be fully current and the certificate does not show any lien or mortgage information.

          Abstracts of title are however rather complicated documents with encoded entries that may seem confusing to the layperson. Although easily obtainable directly from the Coast  Guard, you are not likely to elicit much help from their support staff in deciphering the various recordings. In fact, just getting through to a live person at their documentation center can sometimes prove challenging.

          The abstract of title kit provides options for various ways of placing an order along with with contact information and related forms. It also provides instructions and guidelines on how to interpret the various recordings. This includes a listing of applicable filing codes and a summary form where all of the pertinent information can be gathered. The kit is accompanied by a free handbook which explores all aspects of Coast Guard documentation abstracts.

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