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Vessel Documentation Handbook

U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Documentation

Covers all aspects of documentation.
Includes historical background details.
Can be opened in any web browser.
Covers commercial & recreational vessels.
Prepared by documentation professionals.

Available online today from our web site.
Written in laymans terms for easy usage.
Includes frequent updates and revisions.
No login, setup, or password required.
Responsive customer support assurance.

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U.S. Coast Guard Vesel Documentation
Vessel Documentation Handbook  -  $19.95

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About the Vessel Documentation Handbook

          Our vessel documentation handbook is an ideal companion for any boat owner, prospective buyer, marine lender, yacht broker, boat dealer, or attorney. It provides an in-depth explanation of what Coast Guard vessel documentation is all about, how to go about obtaining it, and the implications of owning a documented vessel. The content is written in clear and concise terms with the layman's perspective in mind. It is immediately available online and comes with periodic updates and additions.
          The handbook is provided in browser format which means you do not need a special software to read, navigate, and print its contents. This selection is immediately available by using your Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover credit card. Payment is handled through a secure web connection. Ordering instructions are shown below.

Ordering Instructions

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