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Vessel Claim of Lien Kit

U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Documentation
Record a claim of lien against a documented vessel.

Save big with this economical self-service kit.
Covers both commercial and pleasure vessels.
Comes with all required forms & resources.
Includes an abstract kit to check other cliams.
Provides release of lien form when settled.

Available online today from our web site.
Record claim by fax, email, or regular mail.
Offers complete guidelines and instructions.
Includes transmittal with payment options.
Responsive and reliable customer support.

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Does not include an abstract of title.
Does not include recording fees.


Coast Guard Claim of Lien
Self Service Kit  -  $29.95

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  About the Cost Guard Claim of Lien Kit

          Any person or entity can file file a notice of claim of lien against a vessel which is currently documented or in the process of becoming documented with the U.S. Coast Guard. The lien must be of a maritime nature which means it arose because of services or supplies rendered to the vessel or it was brought about due to injury or damages caused by the vessel itself.

          The recording of a notice of claim of lien does not in itself confer any rights of repossession or foreclosure. The claim would still have to be enforced by due process of law. However, it does place a cloud on the vessel's abstract of title which will likely serve as a deterrent for any subsequent buyers or lenders. It's effect is therefore motivational as the owner could be forced into resolving the claim under those circumstances.

          Although the claim of lien is not costly to file, it must be submitted in exact accordance with federal regulations. This involves notifications of the claim to the owner and any other mortgagees or claimants of record. It must furthermore contain the right citations in order to avoid being rejected. The claim must also be released in a timely manner when resolved.

          The kit provides all necessary forms, instructions, and examples to successfully record a notice of claim of lien. This includes a transmittal cover sheet which identifies the appropriate fees. It also includes a free link to our vessel abstract of title kit as this may be needed in order to identify the parties which require notifications. A claim release form with instructions comes with the kit for use when the claim has been paid.

         Order your vessel documentation self-service kit today by clicking on the purchase button shown above. This will take you to a secured screen where you can make payment with your favorite credit card. Upon acceptance you will be immediately forwarded to a hosting site which can be bookmarked for continued usage. The host contains links for all necessary form downloads and step-by-step instructions on how to record a notice of claim of lien.

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