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Maritime Administration and Vessel Documentation

The Maritime Administration's role in vessel documentation.

          The Maritime Administration (MARAD) is a federal agency charged with promoting, developing, and maintaining a viable U.S. Merchant Marine. Some of these duties will affect the implementation of Coast Guard vessel documentation regarding certain commercial activities.

          American Fisheries Act  -  U.S. citizen ownership and control requirements for U.S.-flag fishing industry vessels of 100 feet and greater in registered length.
          Small Vessel Waiver  -  The Maritime Administration can now, in certain cases, issue a waiver of the build requirement on foreign vessels or vessels of unknown build to operate in the United States as commercial passenger vessels.

          Foreign Transfer  -  The Maritime Administration provides the required approval for all U.S. Documented Vessels over 1,000 gross tons switching to foreign ownership and/or registry and flag

         Additional information about vessel documentation regulations and requirements can be found on our Coast Guard Vessel Documentation page.


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