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USCG Vessel Documentation Federal Regulations

Federal laws related to USCG vessel documentation. A complete listing of references.

          Vessel Documentation and maritime commerce are regulated by laws enacted through the United States Congress. Upon passage, such legislation is codified into a set of books known as the United States Code or USC. The rules for implementing these basic laws are then refined into another set of books called the Code of Federal Regulations or CFR. Federal agencies charged with the enforcement of such regulations must thereafter create a set of administrative procedures or rules under which they will conduct operations. Proposed changes to such rules are typically published in the Federal Register or FR

          46 USC Chapter 121  -  Documentation of Vessels

          46 USC Part J  -   Measurement of Vessels.

          46 USC Chapter 313  -  Maritime liens and preferred vessel mortgages.

          46 USC Section 50501  -  Entities Deemed Citizens of the United States.

          46 CFR Part 67  -  Documentation of Vessels.

          46 CFR Part 69  -  Measurement of Vessels.

          46 CFR Part 356  -  Fishery endorsement for vessels 100 feet or greater.

         Additional information about vessel documentation regulations and requirements can be found on our Coast Guard Vessel Documentation page.


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