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Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Measurement

How to determine tonnage measurement on USCG documented vessels.

The cargo carrying capacity or "tonnage" of a vessel is a determining factor in whether a boat qualifies for Coast Guard documentation. Various rules and regulations regarding the vessel's usage, citizenship requirements, and ongoing documentation status are also governed by the tonnage capacity. It is noteworthy that a vessel's tonnage for documentation purposes is determined by measuring a vessel's dimensions rather than using displacement or weight calculations.

Simplified Measurement Guide  -  Explains the simplified measurement system as it relates to other forms of vessel measurement.

Marine Safety Center - A link to the U.S. Coast Guard's Marine Safety Center tonnage division.

Measurement Organizations  -  A list of approved formal measurement companies.

Federal Vessel Documentation Measurement Laws  -  Federal Codified Regulations for Measurement of USCG documented Vessels.

Additional information about vessel documentation regulations and requirements can be found on our Documentation page.


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