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The internet's most comprehensive resource for Coast Guard documentation, boat registration, and yacht registry.
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All you need to know about Coast Guard vessel documentation and preferred ships mortgages. Visit our federal page for more information and resources.
Boat registration information and resources for state level boat, trailer, and outboard motor registration or titling. Visit our state page for state by state listings.
Information about foreign boat, yacht, and ship registry systems with resources for registering a boat in most countries. Visit our foreign page for more details.
Our Transactions Page deals with actions, events, and transactions which may affect ownership and equity positions in everything from ski-boats to mega-yachts.
A complete lineup of Coast Guard vessel documentation, state level registration, titling, and boat record search services. Visit our services page for quotations.
Search historical records from eight nationwide databases all rolled into one. Boats which have been stolen, salvaged, recalled, damaged, or involved in incidents.
Our Coast Guard vessel documentation database contains over 500,000 records which are searchable by various criteria.  Includes downloadable owner mailing lists.
A full compliment of forms for Coast Guard vessel documentation, state level boat registration, and vessel transactions. Visit our forms page for a complete listing.
Visit our boat title research page for a wealth of information, services, and other resources. Covers state registered boats, documented vessels, and foreign yachts.
Our marine directory page contains an extensive listing of other maritime web sites and online resources which will be
of interest to the boating community.

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You are about to experience the world of vessel titling like never before. With the latest online advancements, we can now place everything you will ever need to document, register, title, and research any boat right at your fingertips. In addition to a wealth of information, our web pages offer a full compliment of services, forms, databases, and guides. .... more about our web site

About Our Web Site
An overview of our website and how it can benefit you.

          Preface  - is the longest running Coast Guard vessel documentation and boat titling resource on the world wide web. Our site was first published over a decade ago and has acquired a substantial following among boat owners, buyers, sellers, brokers, dealers, marine lenders, maritime attorneys, and the general boating public. We now enjoy a high profile as the premier boat titling resource for interested parties all over the world.

          Our Credentials  -  Our publishers have acquired a degree of knowledge and expertise which is second to none in the marine industry. They have owned, managed, and operated maritime related companies for over thirty years. Such endeavors include Coast Guard vessel documentation, boat registration, marine escrow,  yacht brokerage, new boat sales, yacht charters, commercial fishing, and marine technologies.

          Site Content -  This site includes information and resources that cover every aspect of vessel documentation, boat titling, state registration, foreign registry, title research, and maritime transactions. Here you will find a wide array of articles, information, guidelines, instructions, links, and resources for implementing any type of boat transaction or recording. We have it all covered on the state, federal, and foreign levels for everything from ski-boats to mega-yachts.

          Federal Page  -  Vessel documentation is a type of federal boat registration which is administered by the U.S. Coast Guard. It applies to boats over 24 feet in length and is available for recreational or commercial usage. Visit our Federal Page for an explanation of what documentation is all about, an overview of the application process, and how it relates to maritime transactions. We also provide numerous articles, guidelines, services, and resources regarding Coast Guard vessel documentation.

          State Page  -  Registration is required by all of the states for boats which operate within their jurisdictional waters. Some, but not all, may also provide title certificates for non-documented vessels. Our "State" page addresses operational requirements on a state by state basis and explores the relationships between Coast Guard documentation and state titling. You will also find a full range of services and other resources for obtaining state level boat registrations and titles.

          Foreign Page  -  Foreign yacht registry often becomes a factor in vessel documentation, state level boat registration, and other types of boat transactions here in the United States. Our "Foreign" page contains information, articles, data, and other resources regarding the placement or removal of yachts to and from the registry systems of other countries.

          Transactions Page  -  Our Boat Transactions Page deals with actions and events which may affect ownership and equity positions in everything from ski-boats to mega-yachts. This includes purchase arrangements, transfers of interest, boat loan security agreements, vessel mortgages, and maritime liens. Learn more about the relationships between boat transactions and documentation, registration, or titling.

          Research Page  -   Our Boat Title Research Page offers information about researching ownership, liens, encumbrances, and historical backgrounds on all types of boats or watercraft.  This includes state registered boats, Coast Guard documented vessels, and foreign registered yachts. You will also find a wealth of services, forms, and other resources pertaining to boat title searches.

          Services Page  -  A full compliment of services related to vessel documentation, boat titling, title research, loan security, and closing settlements can be found on our "Services" page. These include downloadable self-service kits which can save you hundreds of dollars or convenient full services as provided by our boat titling affiliate.

          Database Page  -  Our database page introduces "BoatScope", the internet's foremost boat history and title search resource. This service offers eight nationwide databases all rolled into one convenient interface. Find records for boats which have been stolen, salvaged, recalled, damaged, or involved in incidents. It also has over 500,000 Coast Guard documentation records and an exclusive boat lien claims database.

          Forms Page  -  In addition to our service options, we offer the internet's largest gathering of boat titling and transaction forms. These are all-inclusive and cover everything from vessel documentation to maritime transactions. The forms are fielded for easy usage and come with instructions and examples. Visit our Forms page for immediate downloads in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format depending on the application.
          Directory Page  - Our Marine Directory page contains a listing of vessel documentation, boat titling, foreign registry, and other marine industry resources which may be useful to our readers. This includes a short description of what the site is all about and direct links to their content. We encourage all maritime vendors with boating related products and services to join our marine resources page.

          Site Navigation  -  We have invested a considerable amount of time and effort into making our web presentation easy to navigate. This begins with uniform headers and footers which can be found on every page throughout our site. These contain clickable links that allow readers to move easily among various pages, forms, articles, guides, and data resources. Given the enormous amount of information, we suggest that you browse through all of the content before settling on a particular subject.

          Revisions & Upgrades  -  This website is built around dynamic content which is ever changing due to developments in boat registration documentation, and titling regulations. Our publication is therefore a work in progress which requires constant revisions and upgrades in order to stay current. We accordingly invite you to visit on a regular basis in order to take advantage of the latest information.

          Thank You !  - It is our pleasure that you have allowed us the opportunity of conveying our message and we wish to express our gratitude. We sincerely hope you will find the information contained herein to be meaningful and constructive. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions about how we may further enhance this publication to better serve your needs.

Visit our services page for a full range of boat title services.
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Choice of convenient full services or economical self service kits.
The internet's largest collection of maritime databases all rolled into one convenient search interface.
   ▪  Salvaged Boat Database
   ▪  Boat Lien Claim Database
   ▪  Stolen Boat Database
   ▪  Boat Accident Database
   ▪  Pollution Database
   ▪  CG Documentation Database
   ▪  Factory Recall Database
   ▪  Manufacturer Database
Includes a full compliment of boat title search resources.
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