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Search for boat records from eight master databases all rolled into one.
Detailed reports on multiple search criteria for Coast Guard documented vessels.
Unique cross-checking feature for hull numbers, documentation numbers, and state registration numbers.

Identify vessels that have been stolen, damaged, destroyed, submerged, salvaged, or recalled.

Vessel Documentation Database
Boating Accident Database
Casualty & Pollution Database
Lien Claims Database

Stolen Vessel Database
Auctioned Vessel Database
Factory Recall Database
Manufacturer's Database

Includes state, federal, and foreign boat title search resources.

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EXCLUSIVE! -  Documentation database now includes 550,000 vessel records.
EXCLUSIVE! -  Maritime lien claims database for all types of boats.
NEW! -  Boat status report with a comprehensive title and background analysis.
NEW! -  Boat title report builder for use with our search resources.
NOW!  - Vessel documentation records searchable by city, county, state, or zip code.

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About Our Database

An overview of our database and how it can benefit you.

          The acquisition of boat ownership, registration, and historical data can present enormous challenges. This is brought about by the diverse number of entities which gather and record such information. Boating activities are administered nationwide on almost every level of government from the U.S. Coast Guard on down to local harbor districts. There are also numerous offshore entities to consider when dealing with foreign registered boats which have been imported into the United States.

          As with any research effort, the key is knowing exactly where to look for certain types of data. Ownership records on state registered boats may for example be found at a wildlife conservation agency, the department of motor vehicles, a county clerks office, the marine police division, or perhaps even the department of revenue. Federally documented vessels are on the other hand administered by the U.S. Coast Guard. Boat lien information may accompany ownership records, is sometimes recorded with a secretary of state, or perhaps may not be recorded at all while still remaining effective. Historical data sources for boating accidents, stolen boats, salvaged boats, and enforcement incidents are even more widely dispersed.

          Our BoatScope database service is designed to overcome many of these issues by gathering together the industry's largest network of relational maritime databases. These include records for boats which have been stolen, salvaged, recalled, or involved in accident and pollution incidents. We also maintain a boat claims database and a Coast Guard vessel documentation database. The boat claims database allows claimants to expose boat liens or claims as a supplement to formal recording methods which are sometimes limited. Our Coast Guard vessel documentation database contains 550,000 records that can be searched by multiple criteria. This is especially useful in producing various summaries and reports.

          This entire collection of databases is accessible from a single venue which is available through our BoatScope online service. It contains a versatile search interface which allows users to generate detailed reports based on information drawn from our database network. Searches can be implemented by entering a hull identification number, state registration number, or vessel documentation number. It will even go so far as to cross-check each database for references when one or more of the identification numbers is unknown. The numbers are also validated against governmental issuing standards for content and structure.

          Although BoatScope contains the internet's most extensive collection of maritime databases, it offers far more than just boat records. The system actually serves as a complete resource for anyone looking to implement a comprehensive title search on any type of boat. The search resources module provides everything from an online vessel research handbook to a complete listing of available resources for obtaining registration records directly from state, federal, or foreign agencies. It even contains a unique boat title report builder which allows research data to be gathered into an organized summary that can be saved to a local storage device.

          In conclusion, we wish to say that even with the power of BoatScope, there are limitations as to the extent of accessible boat data. Many state jurisdictions have now implemented strict anti-disclosure laws which make it difficult to obtain boat registration and ownership records. Even when such data is available,  it may be fragmented and its conclusiveness can not always be assured. Typographical errors and omissions in reporting methods may also render certain data as unreliable. Although our BoatScope service is the best possible tool for gathering boat information, this should never displace other safeguards when it comes to maritime transactions.

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