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Boat Title Search Guidelines

Boat title search guidelines for USCG documented, state registered, and foreign vessels.

A thorough and accurate boat title search lays the necessary foundation for any kind of vessel transaction. However, this can be extremely challenging given all the ways in which ownership, liens, and historical data are recorded. A typical search can include U.S. Coast Guard documentation, state registration, and perhaps even foreign registries. This website, along with our premier "BoatScope" database, is designed specifically for assisting prospective buyers, marine lenders, industry professionals, and the entire boating community in navigating the complexities of such endeavor. The following information and guidelines will cover everything you will need to know about title and history searches from ski-boats to mega-yachts.

Our Premier Database   -  Visit our database page for information and examples about "BoatScope", the nation's foremost boat history search database. In addition to our data sources, you will find guidelines and resources for conducting various boat title and history searches.

State Registration Research - The basics of what title research is all about for state registered boats. This will serve as a starting point to learn about the various elements of state title and registration searches and how they relate to USCG vessel documentation and foreign registry.

Vessel Documentation Research - Learn about ownership, lien claims, and preferred vessel mortgages on U.S. Coast Guard documented boats. This offers a basic view of vessel documentation research and how this relates to state registration and foreign registry.

Foreign Yacht Research - An understanding of how offshore yachts are registered in foreign countries and methods for conducting ownership title and mortgage searches. See how this relates to conducting research on state registered boats and Coast Guard documented vessels.

Maritime Boat Liens - An overview of what boat liens are all about, how they are created, various options for recording, and enforcement. You will also gain some insight with regard to hidden, contractual, or mechanic's liens and how they relate to vessel documentation or state registration.

Proving Boat Ownership - An informative article about proving ownership, the various methods in which vessels become titled or registered, and how this relates to boat title research. This is important in determining the actual current owners when engaging in any boat transaction.

Boat History Reports - A candid discussion about the various aspects of boat history reports, the type of information included, and the manner in which results are typically portrayed. It offers an idea of what to expect when subscribing to online database services.

Stolen Boat Research - Procedures and resources for checking on stolen boats. Reveals the scope of online search capabilities and how law enforcement officials can assist through their access to the Nationwide Crime Database. An extremely important aspect of boat title research.

Boat Escrows, Closings, and Settlements  -  Valuable information about where and how boat escrows, closings, and take place within the marine industry. It includes a particular emphasis on how these relate to boat title and history searches.

Boat Title Search Information  -  A summary of the various elements involved in conducting a thorough and complete boat title search. These are things everyone should know before engaging in any type of boat transaction.

Boat Titling Overview  -  In order to conduct a proper boat title search you should first acquire a good working knowledge of how boats are titled on the federal, state, and foreign levels. This article will provide a good overview of how such options relate to each other.

Delaware Yacht Registration  -  Learn abut the various aspects of Delaware yacht registration and its relationship to  U.S. Coast Guard documentation, foreign yacht registry. This enlightening article also covers taxation and methods of ownership.

State Registration Overview  -  A complete overview of state level boat registration and how it relates to U.S. Coast Guard documentation and foreign registry. Covers all aspects of dealing with registration agencies and tax implications.

Vessel Documentation Overview  -  Learn what vessel documentation is all about with a complete summary of ownership and vessel qualifications for both recreational and commercial vessels. This will provide a good foundation for determining such applicability when it comes to title research.

Vessel Documentation Requirements  -  An extensive table showing a breakdown of all the requirements for documenting a vessel with the U.S. Coast Guard. Includes administrative information with a list of statistics regarding various types of documented vessels.

Vessel Documentation vs. State Registration  -  An excellent comparison of the numerous factors involved when choosing between state level registration and U.S. Coat Guard documentation. Something all boat title researchers should know about.

USCG Abstract of Title  -  One of the most important elements of conducting a title search on Coast Guard documented vessels. An overview of that abstracts are all about, how they are interpreted, and how to obtain them. These are exclusive to vessel documentation.

Vessel Documentation Legal Rulings  -  An exhaustive listing of actual rulings involving documented vessels and how the courts view regulations with regard to maritime liens and encumbrances.

Boat Hull Number Requirements  -  Everything you could possibly want to know about Coast Guard boat hull identification number requirements. This online PDF file is provided by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators. It is one of the most comprehensive set of related guidelines we have seen.


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