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Maryland Boat Registration Summary

          Maryland boat registration summary presents an overview of boat titling, registration, loan perfection, and operational requirements for the State of Maryland. Additional boat registration and titling resources can be found by visiting our Registration page as shown in the above menu selections. Boat registration services, supplemental forms, and historical research data  are also available from our Services, Forms, and Database pages.

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Boat Registration Statistics There are approximately 181,544 boats registered in the State of Maryland. This accounts for 1.5% of all nationwide registrations.
Boat Registration Numbering The boat registration number prefix for Maryland is "MD".
Boat Registration Requirements Registration is required for all motorboats in the State of Maryland. Registrations are issued on a 2 year cycle. Registration is not required for Coast Guard documented vessels, but a special use decal must be obtained.
Boat Title Requirements Maryland issues titles all boats that require registration except those which are Coast Guard documented.
Electronic Boat Titles Maryland does not have an electronic boat title program.
Conditional Boat Registration Maryland does not have provisions for bonded boat titling or registration. A court award will be required when there is insufficient proof of ownership.
Abandoned Boats Maryland has a defined process for claiming title to an abandoned boat.
Mechanic's Boat Liens Maryland has provisions for enforcing boat liens incurred by marinas, boatyards, and other service agencies.
Registration Records Boat registration records in Maryland are administered by the Department of Natural Resources. This agency does not facilitate online registration searches for the general public. If you need a print-out or detailed information it will be necessary to submit a Boat Record Request form showing cause for needing the information. Boat registration records are maintained indefinitely in Maryland.
State Tax Requirements Excise tax is due within 30 days of the purchase date or entry into the State of Maryland.
Boat Loan Perfection Security interests on non-documented boats which are state titled must be recorded on the state title records. On Coast Guard documented vessels, a preferred mortgage must be recorded on the vessel's abstract of title. A UCC financing statement must be filed if the boat is neither titled or documented.
Boat Ownership Designations Maryland does not indicate joint ownership methods on boating records.
Boat Residency Requirements Non-residents may apply for boat registration and titling if Maryland is to be the state of Principal use.
Boat Reporting Requirements The sale, transfer, abandonment, theft, or destruction of a boat registered in Maryland must be reported to the Department of Natural Resources within 15 days.
Boat Hull Number Inspection None required.
Outboard Boat Motors Maryland does not issue titles for outboard motors.
Boat Trailers Registrations and titles are required for boat trailers in Maryland.
Notary Regulations Maryland notaries must affix a seal or stamp on all notarized documents.

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