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About Our Vessel Documentation Search

How to conduct a vessel documentation database search lookup.

Our USCG database search is designed as a preliminary resource for anyone with an interest in the documentation aspects of a particular vessel... and it's completely free. This will provide readers with a basic idea of what the U.S. Coast Guard has on record with regard to a vessel's documentation status. It may then serve as a starting point for more in-depth research which would involve gathering ownership, lien, and mortgage information. Keep in mind when using this service that vessels under 24' in length will not typically qualify for USCG documentation.

In conducting a query, be sure you have selected the appropriate type of search. Matching criteria may then be entered in either upper or lower case. Any responses will accordingly correspond with the exact term or phrase you have dictated. These will be shown in a list box directly below the submit button. It may take several moments to complete the process if the response involves a large number of records. If no records are found, a notification will appear directly above the the button. Simply click the reset button if you wish to engage in a fresh query.

This database may not contain records of all vessels ever documented and is subject to periodic updates. You should therefore contact the National Vessel Documentation Center before relying on such information. It will also be necessary to order an Abstract of Title to confirm the details shown here, obtain data about the most current owner, and identify any liens or mortgages. Information on how to go about this along with additional resources can be found by visiting the "Resources" and "Guidelines" pages of our website. If you need professional assistant with any vessel documentation needs, we suggest that you get a free quotation from our full-service associate.


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